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Woosh XL 

Discover Woosh XL, the sophisticated stroller with serious baby benefits. This lightweight compact folder takes your toddler all the way up to 25kg. With baby-pleasing pattern and a cuddly companion they’ll love for life *, it’s a never-ending story. With travel system capability and pram potential, it’s the classic you can add to. Discover hidden design details as the story unfolds.
Go wild. Go Woosh XL. 

*Toy with selected designs

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Fairy Garden Fairy Garden
Hedgerow Hedgerow
Hop to it Hop to it
Mister Fox Mister Fox
Nordik Nordik
On The Prowl On The Prowl

Looking for the complete package?

Get an amazing deal with these travel system bundles. The Woosh XL bundle includes Woosh XL stroller and carrycot saving you an additional £80.

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Develops with your Baby

The Woosh XL stroller is a never-ending sturdy story - wooshing them from-birth all the way up to 25kg, whilst remaining lightweight and ready for anything.

Buy the coordinating soft carrycot for pram mode or 0+ Dock car seat for infant carrier mode and woosh! You’ve got a travel system.

See the story run and run with this long-term family friend. 

Available from £279.95

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Pushchair Pal



Woosh XL takes Cosatto’s famous baby-friendly characters and symbols one step further. Each design comes with a cuddly travelling companion, leapt straight from the pattern. When you explore together, anything can happen.

Exquisite Tailoring


From engaging patterns babies love, to cuddly companions, Woosh XL harnesses their happy and harnesses their early sensory skills. Surround them with storytelling details, luxury fabrics and Great British Design.

One Hand Fold


Hands full? Fold Woosh XL with one hand into a small compact bundle. Just stroll then stash - it’s a storage superstar. City dwellers – Woosh XL is lightweight and ready for anything at just 6.8kg.


Woosh XL Baby Image Woosh XL Baby Image

Better for your Baby

We’ve always believed in the power of pattern to give your baby a happy head start. Our famous baby-friendly symbols and characters harness early sensory skills encouraging engagement with the big wide world.

Meeting of Minds

Now we’re teaming up with one of the UK’s leading University Baby Labs, harnessing baby science to drive the development of products that go even further to bring the happy to your baby.

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