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Golden Rules of Car Seat Fitting

Recent research indicates that 71% of child car seats are either fitted incorrectly or are incompatible with the child or car. We want to change this. We are working with Good Egg Safety, the UK’s largest in-car safety campaigner, to increase awareness of the importance of fitting car seats correctly.

The 6 Golden Rules of Car Seat Fitting:

1. Avoid “buckle crunch” in the event of a crash by ensuring the car’s seat buckle is not sitting above the plastic base.
2. Adjust For Correct Harness Height. Follow the fitting instructions provided to make sure the height is correct.
3. Correct Belt Routing. Again, follow the instructions provided to be sure the seatbelt is correctly routed.
4. Don’t Twist the Harness. Twisted seatbelts and harnesses will not allow the seat to work correctly.
5. No Bulky Clothes. Bulky clothes can make the harness unsafe so always remove coats from children in the seats.
6. Avoid Car Head Rest Obstruction. The car headrests must not obstruct the child seat. Either remove them or adjust out of the way.

Cosatto Car Seat Fitting Videos: