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This is it. The big moment. Starting a family. Starting your story.
More than just a pushchair, your Cosatto is a reflection of you and yours. It’s one of the family.
So express yourself. Tear off the uniform. Unleash your inner unicorn, fox, spaceman, fairy…go wild.
Be more Cosatto. Be more you.



Wright Up Our Street

Meet the Wrights from Leeds. They’re very much a Cosatto family. Mum Liena explains, “It’s a way for us to express our own individuality. Life’s not a rehearsal, I just want to have fun with the kids as much as possible. Cosatto allows us to do that…”




Starting a family is the biggest adventure. The Wrights are taking us with them. Join them on their wild ride…





“There's a bit of Cosatto in all of us. Brody's a bit banana crazy right now, we call him Brody Bananas - and Liena's away with the fairies.”

Nial Wright, Dad of 3

bemorecosatto_star bemorecosatto_star bemorecosatto_tiger_uwumix_mob



“In playing around with the dressing up box, we discover aspects of ourselves we didn’t know exist. It’s the same for you choosing your favourite Cosatto design. It’s about giving families tools to show their authentic inner selves.”


Vicky Morley, Cosatto Creative and Marketing Director.



Nial Loves Mister Fox




“This design has dapper country colours. We’re an outdoorsy lot. Out walking the dog we see foxes in the shadows with their cubs. I loved ‘Fox in Socks’ as a kid. I love their mysterious nocturnal nature.”



Willow Loves Bunny Buddy




“I’ve got a bunny teddy called Bobby. My room is pink I love pink. When we go in the car I like it being in a pretty chair it’s soft cute and fluffy. Bunnies go like this…(twitches nose, fits of laughter.) ”



Show Us Your Cosatto

There’s a bit of Cosatto waiting to burst out of everyone. Express yourself. Right here. Right now. Show us your most Cosatto look. Share your most Cosatto moment.




5 Reasons to Love Cosatto

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